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White Aluminium Oxide

AL2O3 have the characteristics of high hardness (second hardest mineral after diamond), sharpness, tenacity, stable chemical property, heat resisting and corrosion resisting. This sharp angular abrasive is fast cutting and does not contain free silica. It gives a mat finish, or produces anchor patterns on most metal surfaces and can be used economically in a closed system blasting machine. APPLICATIONS The range of application is limitless for blasting, lapping, polishing, etc…- the removal of sand from casting or surface preparation prior to enamelling, plating or bonding: etching: descaling: deburring: cleaning moulds: glass carvings and decorative works in glass industry.


Chemical Compositions

AL²O³ 99.30
SiO² 0.07
Fe2O³ 0.04
TiO³ ----
CaO 0.04
Na²O 0.48

Physical Properties

Colour White
Nature Hard & Frible
S.G. 3.92
Melting Point 2050°C
Moh’s 9.0



Grade # 16 # 24 # 36 #46 #60 #80 #100 #120 #150 #220
Micron 1180 740 480 326 250 180 150 125 88 62


Other sizes available on request.

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