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Glass bead

Glass beads are very widely used in the impact treatment of surfaces. Their spherical shape and physico-chemical nature endow them with a variety of properties that no other surface treatment agent has, combined.

There are shaped like perfect spheres with a smooth, shining surface. Their density is approximately 2.5. They are available in successive granulometric ranges of 1 to 1000 microns. During projection, each glass bead acts like a small hammer on the surface of the part to be treated.

When surfaces are treated with Glass Beads, this is done under optimal conditions of efficiency, cleanliness, speed, safety and the comfort of the users.

Glass beads are used in all types of compressed air impact treatment machines, using a dry or wet process.

Glass bead treatment may be the only surface treatment or it may supplement a treatment, for instance using corundum, in order to obtain a much lower level of roughness.

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